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January 26, 2017: Everything sucks. The world is falling apart, or at least that’s what Facebook is screaming at me. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling very small and overwhelmed. When I think about choosing a way to make a difference, I immediately retreat into my own impostor syndrome. I just don’t know if I’m good at or passionate enough about the things I see other people participating in. I see all of these champions around me, most of them informed, opinionated and well spoken. It’s like they’ve had their speeches inside of them this whole time, but mine isn’t articulate enough to chime in.

I’ve been thinking about how I can contribute some goodness in my own ways. I think I’m good at two things: making food and trying to make people happy. The latter doesn’t always work out as planned, but I’d like to think I am creative and active in my attempts. When I think about what makes me happy, I think about talking with my friends and drinking wine and making art and food. With all of my friends scattered around the world, I can’t have everyone over, so I came up with this Galentine Card Swap in its place.

I celebrated Galentine’s Day on February 13th for many years with my girlfriends in college. If you are unfamiliar with Galentine’s Day, please refer to this article you beautiful angelfish of a person (Also, please watch all of Parks and Recreation ASAP, for your general mental health and loveliness). We would gather and eat lots of queso and brownies and consume so much boxed wine, gushing about our friendship and sharing overall positive feelings. Since most of my gals are far away, being successful and amazing humans, this Galentine Card Swap is my snail-mail version of our college celebrations. Now, with the amazing Google, everyone can join in!

The basics of the Galentine Card Swap:

Fill out the form with your info, address, and things you like (this is for your Gal, if she doesn’t know you she can take ideas from these things for your card.) On January 31st, you’ll be sent an email with your Gal’s information. You will then make up a card, tell her a few things about yourself or any good wishes you want to send her way. Send that card off before February 13th (the date of Leslie Knope’s declared Galentine’s Day). A card will be sent to you in turn. Open the card anytime you want! Feel free to share your card with #galentinecardswap

This is my small step. This is what I feel good about. I hope you participate and get a card and want to pass on the positivity. I know this is just a start, but we’ve got to begin caring for each other and sharing good things. If you’ve got some ideas for me, I’d love to talk. We all need a little help. Happy Galentine’s Day, everyone!

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