Welcome Party People! It’s almost time to celebrate Susan Turns 60 and this website will be your home base for everything party-related. If you’d like to contribute something- a change, flight information, a party suggestion, etc- either email me or comment on this webpage and I can update it. If you’d like to keep something secret from the Bday Girl, just shoot me a quick email and we will work something out. You hear that, Susan? Birthday Surprises!

Lodging Information: Montara Ocean House (Half Moon Bay, CA)


Dramatic ocean and mountain views, several fireplaces, phone, cable TV, DVD, and wireless high speed internet access. Viking Professional equipped kitchen with all utensils, dishes, flatware, and some cooking basics. Also, all bedding and towels provided.

I’m currently working on assigning rooms, let me know if you’d like something specific! (Susan gets the Master, because she is the boss- just sayin’!)

Click here for more information about the house



Calendar of Events:

Tuesday, August 11:
5:00 PM- Susan and Emily Arrival

Wednesday August 12:

Thursday August 13:
10:00 AM- David and Rachel Arrival
1:30 PM- Wendi Kerper Arrival
4:00 PM- House Check In

Friday August 14:
Annie arrive 9:30 San Jose
Sylvia and Rhoda arrive AM
Linda and Krista arrive 10:00 AM
Lunch: Sandwich Station
San Francisco Exploration Day!
Dinner: Pasta Bar
-BLT Pasta (Wendi Kerper)
-Parsley-Pistachio Pesto
-Red Sauce
-Green Salad (Recipe up for grabs)
-Warm Garlic Bread

Saturday August 15:
Breakfast: (Not-So-Hotel) Continental Breakfast
Half Moon Bay Area Exploration
Happy Hour  5:00 PM
Stupid Good Dinner Menu TK 6:30 PM

Sunday August 16:
More San Francisco Exploration!
Krista and Linda Leave 5PM
Annie Leave San Jose 5:30 PM

Monday August 17:
11:00 AM- House Check Out
11:00 AM- Rachel and David Depart

Tuesday August 18:
12:30 PM- Emily and Susan Depart
1:45 PM- Wendi Kerper Depart

Things To Think About:

  • Mom suggested a big BINGO game on Saturday night- if you have any prize ideas/contributions, send them our way!
  • If there is a recipe, dish idea, or food preference that you’d like to either make or contribute an idea for Saturday, please get with Rachel to assemble the shopping list. For example, Pie and Ice Cream will most likely be the dessert on Saturday, so if you’d like to be in charge of the pie, etc. Just let me know!
  • Please bring some photos, videos, or just memories of you and mom!
  • If you’d like to tour around San Francisco on Sunday or Friday with us, just let us know what ideas you have and if we can coordinate some groups.


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