Waffles and Oatmeal: Breakfast Hacks for the Laziest of Us

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When I tell people I’ve been working on some projects for BravoTV.com, I hope they really believe that I am BFF’s with the Housewives and that I’m going to totally cameo on Top Chef (Masters, duh). It’s actually a whole lot cooler- they’re letting me post on their new website, The Feast, amongst other buzzworthy food news content and now- original recipes!

I’ve been working on these two posts- Instant Oatmeal Hacks and Frozen Waffle Ideas, perfect for the lazy (ahem, unmotivated?) cook who happens to be watching Bravo TV at the same time! In any case, this is just more Stupid Good for you, on different outlets, but always with the same sassy food nonsense way. Check both posts out below!


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