6 Easy [And Healthy] Avocado Snacks

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Fruit, veg- whatever it is, the avocado is one damn perfect food. It can be blended for creaminess, chopped for salads, or sliced for impressive entertaining. Looking for ways to hold you over until the next meal without adding to your carb count? Avocados are the answer. Pair avocado with hard boiled egg for a lightened egg salad, or with fresh citrus and mint for a zippy seasonal salad. Check out my latest for Cooking Light’s blog, Simmer and Boil, with these easy and healthy avocado recipes.

Avocado Citrus Salad with Mint

Cucumber and Avocado “Roses”

Mini Avocado Toasts with Pumpkin Seeds

Avocado Chicken Salad with Kale

Easy Avocado Egg Salad Cup

Avocado Sushi Snack

One Comment on “6 Easy [And Healthy] Avocado Snacks”

  1. Perfect! I just bought 4 avocados. I love to just eat them plain out of the shell, but new ideas r great. The link to Simmer and Boil doesn’t seem to be working

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