Slice Birmingham Review: MexiCali and Rockefeller Pizzas

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DSC_1234Pizza is everything, and Slice Birmingham does ‘everything’ well. In preparation for SliceFest 2015, I had the opportunity to try some of the featured pies specifically featured on the menu for the event. I am already a fan of Slice- I gathered friends at the restaurant for my birthday this year and I promise you, the whole table devoured 8 pies. It was not hard, I’ll tell you that! So when I was asked to sample some of the new pizzas, I did not hesitate one bit.

The MexiCali was spicy, rich and saucy featuring farm fresh ingredients: incredible avocado aioli and braised lamb. It was one of those pizzas you had to pace yourself through- full of toppings and flavor. I would recommend this to anyone interested in Latin flavors, and especially with a cold beer to help with some of the jalapeño heat!

The Rockefeller had my favorite base- garlicky and creamy with a few gems of spinach, incredibly rich bacon, and topped with a fried oyster. The remoulade sauce added a zesty kick, and is an indulgent option for anybody with a love for Cajun flair (who isn’t?). It isn’t a pizza I would normally have choosen, but I’m glad I got to try something new.

Head on over to Slice for fresh stone-baked pizzas throughout the summer for specialty pies, seasonal ingredients and a killer beer list. Check out the coverage from this past weekend’s SliceFest and head over to the restaurant to have your own mini pizza festival on the patio! 8 birthday pizzas totally counted as a festival- right?

DSC_1232The Rockefeller- The world is your oyster with this delicious pie.
Ingredients: White Base, Caramelized onions, fresh spinach, bacon lardons, button mushrooms, fresh parmesan, Alabama gulf fried oysters and remoulade sauce.

DSC_1248Mexicali – Slice is bringing back this crowd favorite with a facelift after two years in retirement.
Ingredients: Braised Lamb, Tomatillo sauce, roasted cherry tomatoes, shaved white onions, roasted pablano pepper, queso fresco, cilantro, avocado and jalapeno crema.

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