Tacos, Texas and Big News: Stupid Good Goes to Austin!

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moving to Austin tx

I never thought I’d find myself in Alabama. The prospect of moving to a seemingly backwards-ass state was honestly pretty intimidating to me. What wasn’t intimidating, however, was the opportunity to do amazing work at Cooking Light. Alabama has been the best surprise, filled with incredibly talented and wonderful people, and I am extremely lucky to call this special place home.

Without getting all dramatic here, the time has come to leave Birmingham. I’m excited! I’m nervous. And I’m moving to Austin, TX. I’m moving to Austin, TX with a boy I like and we are going to eat tacos every day and Adobe will finally learn Spanish and we will all live happily ever after for as long as barbecue is excellent in Texas. See how I got all dramatic there?

I’m moving to Austin, TX and I am so excited for all that this means for Stupid Good. I am choosing a semi-freelance path so that I can truly commit to making incredible food content for this blog. I will also be working with Patricia Tamminga and Patricia’s Table on some exciting projects, so stay tuned for more!

Look forward to more tacos, questions about cactuses existing in farm country, and perhaps Instagrams of people riding horses on the interstate. Ideally Tim Duncan will make an appearance. Texas is wild and crazy- I’m super excited for the next adventure and to stamp Austin with a ‘Stupid Good’ seal of approval. Onwards and westward!

IMG_8371Pork Belly Bun at Elizabeth Street Cafe 

IMG_8401    IMG_8295_2
(Left) Brisket, Ribs, Sausage, Turkey and Sides at Franklin Barbecue – (Right) Breakfast Tacos and Carnitas at El Primo

IMG_8285_2Tacos at Torchys! Fried Avocado, The Republican and Democrat Tacos

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