OMG! Insomnia Cookies Birmingham Review (Plus a Giveaway)

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Ok, people. The idea that I am about to discuss is a concept that could potentially be life changing and be the answer to world peace because COOKIES CAN BE DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR. To your door, people. Yes, you can talk into an object and communicate with a human. Yes, you can travel by being projected into the air. Yes, pizza delivery is a thing but this is the 21st century and this is warm cookies we are talking about.

Birmingham just got its very own Insomnia Cookies location and guess what lucky chic lives in their delivery zone? Cue: Ay000! this girl right here. As you can tell, I am extremely excited by this world altering delivery cookie potential and I was asked if I would participate in the very difficult task of reviewing my experience for Stupid Good. Jeez, I live a hard life. So clearly, for the love of double chocolate chunk, here we are.


The thing is, walking into Insomnia Cookies is kind of a joke, but a really awesome one you want to tell all of your friends. You cannot leave without purchasing a cookies because the smell alone is intoxicating. They have all the flavors to choose from, plus spectacular ‘deluxe’ cookies like S’mores and Triple Chocolate Chunk. My favorite was the regular oatmeal raisin because I am a 40 year old woman inside also raisins are only ok in soft cookie form. If it is not socially acceptable to leave your home (I get it, sweatpants and no bra 4 life), Insomnia Cookies will deliver to you until 3 AM. Yes, you deserve it.

In conclusion, Insomnia Cookies is awesome. You can get cookies, ice cream cookie sandwiches, cookie cakes, brownies… warm and ready for your 1 AM craving. I highly recommend trying the sampler- a perfect bring-along to dinner party, a girls night in, an impromptu hangout or, you know, alone in your bed with your dog. Sleep is overrated, bring on the cookies.

Want to win some Insomnia Cookies? Scroll below to learn how!



Contest ends Tuesday, December 2, 2014 at midnight. Winner will be announced December 3, 2o14.




Insomnia cookies provided me with a dozen cookies to review and the gift card that is being given away. This is a sponsored post, but all of my original opinions. 



2 Comments on “OMG! Insomnia Cookies Birmingham Review (Plus a Giveaway)”

  1. Wonderful! She has two little boys and they were fintgihg over these cookies! I want to do a copycat feature of these cookies. I am working on the post tonight. I will let you know as soon as I post it!

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