Introducing the S’Moreo: Port St. Joe Camping Weekend

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Fire, chili and oreos- or in other words, my camping weekend at T.H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park. I took a much needed mini-vacation to the gulf with David and his friends. We packed up the cars and made our way to the campground right on a gorgeous, empty beach with shores of shells, squeaky white sand, and brilliant sunsets. With only a frisbee and a fire to entertain us, I had the chance to really relax since I started my fellowship at Cooking Light and it was definitely much needed.

David has been talking about this trip since the day we started dating and this year I had my first chance to go. He’s been twice before and the annual event had been talked up so much that I’ve been thinking about my chili/potato topping bar dinner since October. Unfortunately, daylight saving’s time eliminates any intention to take photos of food after 5 PM but I can promise you, it was some damn good chili and baked potatoes. Yet, in true stupid good fashion, something so simple and incredibly tasty emerged. Read on…


If it’s anything I’ve learned from sharing campground with five men, here are the most important pertaining to outdoor vacations: A) Eating is a sport and Oreos are only the beginning. B) Bring a hammock on a camping trip and you are a hero. C) Seven people can consume 60 beers in 48 hours. We also consumed 2 double stuff packs of Oreos, 2 gallons of chili, 3 pounds of bacon and 1 party sized bag of Ranch Doritos. Okay, I consumed 1 party sized bag of Ranch Doritos. To add to the madness, I may have invented something great. Well, it may have been the Fireball. Yeah, it was definitely the Fireball because this idea definitely exists. The S’moreo. 

Step One: Roast a marshmallow to perfection. (Tip: Not in direct flame, the coals are the best for goldeny goodness)
Step Two: Open an Oreo.
Step Three: Place Oreo sides on either side of the marshmallow and sandwich together.
Step Four: Put in your mouth.
Step Five: Try not to freak out.

Enjoy pictures from the rest of my trip below!









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